DEG-Project ESPRiT

"Enhancing Industrial Safety, Environmental Protection and Risk Management inSerbia by means of dedicated Training, Education and Technology Transfer“

ESPRiT is a project aimed at improving of industrial safety and environmental protection by means of enhanced Risk Management in the companies, especially in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The “infrastructures” needed for the achievement of the project goals will be developed in the project and these will include the educational infrastructure, the IT-infrastructure, local offices and the modules of the special courses which will become part of the curricula at the Serbian Universities and industrial educational schemes. This overall infrastructure will help the Serbian government (e.g. the Ministries responsible for Environment and Education), as well as for the innovation centers at the Universities of Belgrade and Novi Sad, to create a sustainable set of measures for improvement of industrial and occupational safety, and environmental protection in Serbia.

The key elements of the concept are the implementation of an overall risk management system compatible with the EU-norms, and education of the HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) responsible professionals, according to the EU and German practices. The implementation will have to take into account the specific factors and difficulties in Serbia such as, e.g., those in the area of education.

In parallel to the above technical activities a comprehensive dissemination and PR network will be created.

Main results of the project will include education of 10 trainers and several hundreds course participants, (800 course participations are planned), as well as the certification of 200 participants The education and certification will follow the EU-criteria and Steinbeis University Berlin will be in charge of the certification process.