The final aim of SAFE Truck is to provide training contents that will help freight transport drivers to be more aware of the causes of accidents in their
daily activities, at the same time it provides them with the necessary to knowledge to avoid and deal with risks. . As a result, the project will directly
contribute to the professional and personal development of the target users, as they will update and improve their skills.
SAFE Truck project will also promote the use of new technologies as the training contents will be available in a Web 2.0 learning environment which will
contain information about Health and Safety for Road Transport Drivers (handbook, information sheets, etc…) and short training films making the
learning process more interactive and attractive for the users.
The Web 2.0 will be characterised by its flexibility and adaptation to the users as the materials will be downloadable and they will not include spoken
information which help to overcome language and cultural barriers. Furthermore, users will have the opportunity to add any information and/or materials
they consider interesting.
The training materials will be directly addressed at helping freight transport drivers to acquire the necessary skills for working in healthy and safe