The Fundación Laboral del Metal ( Labour Metal Foundation - FLM) is a Non-Profit organisation aimed to provide training actions and solutions for the Metal Industry tissue in Cantabria region, Spain. It was created in March, 2004 by the most important country’s Labour and Trade Unions – FEDERACIÓN MINEROMETALÚRGICA DE CC.OO. y MCA-UGT CANTABRIA and PYMETAL CANTABRIA, which together offer continuous training and employment solutions to 20.000 workers and 2.000 companies in the region. Annually the Foundation prepares and updates workers and entrepreneur skills for more then 1.200 workers. Moreover, the Foundation carry out integrated projects with government, trade unions and labour unions on new technologies and methodologies related to qualification, training and competences development. Recently a new training foundation was incorporated to the Fundación Laboral del Metal: Fondo Formación Cantabria which enrich the organization with its more than 20 years of experience on training actions and projects development at transnational, national and regional level.

FLM takes part of a national economical affinity group which comprises 9 of the most representative training & employment organizations in Spain.


To date Fundación Laboral del Metal comprises a Team of 10 employees, 30 teachers and 1.200 students.

Main actions:


  • Design and management of EU initiatives and programs: Leonardo, EQUAL, Socrates, CORDIS
  • Transnational Projects in Training and Technology areas as promoter and partner
  • Tailor made training Plans for private and public organisations
  • Design and research of reference training materials with high-end technological approaches
  • Training design on NTIC and production oriented a market under constant changes
  • Research and Project Implementation on VET, New Employment, Self Employment and SME development Streams
  • Design and Implementation of social and economical projects for local and national governments in the Metal Sector


Fundación Laboral del Metal
I+D / R&D
C/ Joaquin Salas, 19
39011 Santander - España