The National Agency for Qualifications in Higher Education and Partnership with the Economic and Social Environment - ACPART is the national authority for establishing and regularly updating the national framework for higher education qualifications in Romania. ACPART was set up by Government Decision no 1357 of November 3, 2005, published in the Official Journal no 1029/21.11.2005 and it is a specialised body, a legal entity subordinated to the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport.
Its main tasks are to:
• design, implement and update the national higher education qualifications framework with regards to development, recognition and attestation of qualifications acquired by higher education system beneficiaries, described in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies;
• analyze the compatibility between the curricula of specializations within the main fields of higher education and the standards of the national qualifications framework, involving the higher education institutions from Romania in the development of a knowledge-based European society, with a competitive and dynamic economy;
• promote the image of higher education institutions towards the socio-economic environment through cooperation between higher education institutions, employers, other organizations, in order to develop specific partnerships, to research the labour force market, to develop the entrepreneurial dimension of universities in Romania and to transfer the know-how.
Ana-Maria Nisioiu
Serviciul Parteneriatul Universităţilor cu Mediul Economic şi Social
Agenţia Naţională pentru Calificări din Învăţământul Superior şi Parteneriat cu Mediul Economic şi Social
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