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IG Metall Headquarter

The trade union IG Metall is a wellrecognised
regulatory partner within
the German vocational education system for initial
and continuing vocational education in the industry
based on collective bargaining, the Vocational
Education Law, and agreements between social
partners. In collaboration with employers, IG Metall
aims to establish a new further education system
in logistics which, due to the increasing international
interconnectedness of the logistics sector,
cannot be targeted only at the national system
but has to be suitable to the entire European
market. As the largest industrial union within
Europe, IG Metall will cooperate with its European
umbrella organisation EMF in order to implement
the project results.

European Metalworkers Federation, EMF


The European Metalworkers Federation (EMF) is an umbrella organisation representing 75 metalworking unions from 34 countries with a combined total of 5.5 million members.
The EMF was established in 1971.

The EMF acts on behalf of representative metalworkers' unions from all of the EU member states as well as from Bulgaria, Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Serbia and Switzerland. The EMF is therefore the representative body defending the interests of workers in the European metal industry.

According to its Statutes, the EMF has a mandate for the external representation and coordination of the metalworkers' unions. On the basis of those Statutes and the Executive Committee's decisions the EMF can also coordinate and initiate cross-border trade union actions. In addition to this, in principle it also has a mandate to engage in bargaining at European level.

The EMF's highest body is its Congress. The latest Congress took place in Lisbon on 6-7 June 2007.