In oder to reach the aims and objectives defined and to produce the envisaged products the overall project work is divided in the following 8 workpackages:

  • WP1 - Project Management
    (WP leader: DEKRA, DE)
  • WP2  - Employability grid
    (WP leader: DEKRA, DE)
  • WP3 - Referenceability of national qualification frameworks
    (WP leader: 3srl, AT)
  • WP4 - Referenceability of sectoral qualifications, qualifications/competence frameworks
    (WP leader: Politecnico di Torino, IT)
  • WP5 - Case studies piloting the application of methodology
    (WP leader: KCH, NL)
  • WP6 - Model of collaboration between sectoral/public stakeholders
    (WP leader: MQC, MT)
  • WP7 - Overcoming the EQF Information Divide
    (WP leader: ITB, DE and LUX, DE)
  • WP8 - Quality management
    (WP leader: FLM, ES)