Virtual expert workshop, 03 April 2012, 2pm

You are kindly invited to participate in the NQF-SQFs project next (virtual) expert workshop (printable invitation).

EQF from theory to practice:
The right basis of referencing: the work process as the major referencing criterion

A virtual expert workshop on 3rd April 2012, 2 – 3.30 pm

Although learning outcomes should be basically describable for all qualifications by using the EQF descriptors knowledge, skills, and competence in the same way regardless of their origin in terms of country or organisation responsible for maintaining and monitoring structures in which they are embedded, a mere description in EQF terms cannot dispel any doubts about the real value of this qualification: the EQF as such does not deliver enough criteria for assessment and comparison of qualifications. It is therefore important how qualification frameworks are referenced to the EQF.

In a situation where qualification frameworks are not available in every European country, every educational area, and occupational sector at the same level of development, it does not surprise that a common understanding of appropriate referencing these frameworks to the EQF does not exist. But as the EQF is not intended to serve as a regulation of European education, institutional aspects do not play a primary role, and organisations responsible for frameworks of any kind are encouraged to reference them to the EQF. Due to not existing general referencing criteria, this should cause problems especially where qualification systems/ frameworks compete or at least exist separately from each other: This is the case for national qualifications frameworks ministered by public bodies and sectoral qualification frameworks supervised by (private) sectoral organisations.

This virtual Expert Workshop intends to enable a discussion about one of the basic requirements to be considered with the project NQF-SQF Common Grounds for Referencing NQFs and SQFs to the EQF: “The right basis of referencing – the work process as the major referencing criterion”. Three introductory contributions based on the projects results will provide the first impetus for the discussion during this second virtual workshop:

  • “The employability grid: a shadow grid for referencing NQFs/SQFs to the EQF”, Mr Gerald Thiel, DEKRA Akademie GmbH (DE)
  • “Work process orientation of National Qualifications Frameworks”, Ms Sigrid Nindl, 3s research laboratory (AT)
  • “Work process orientation of Sectoral Qualifications Frameworks”, Mr Claudio Demartini, Politecnico di Torino (IT)
  • The following discussion will be moderated by Mr Georg Spöttl, Institut Technik und Bildung (DE).

The workshop builds on the results of the first “Methodical Reflections on Referencing” workshop held in February 2011 in Sliema (MT). It focused on the reflection of referencing experiences from different European countries and from European projects. The results are available here

In order to register for the virtual expert workshop and for further information on the workshop and on technical requirements for participation please get in touch with Mr Malte Stamer at eu-project.akademie(at)dekra(dot)com.