Project description

The views of a big number of stakeholders on the EQF differ considerably in terms of understanding and focus of interest. But on the other hand the introduction of qualification frameworks at different levels (national, sectoral) requires a good sustainable collaboration. It is suggested to describe ways how these problems can be solved by evaluating material already available for this purpose (statements, studies, projects, discussion platforms).

In order to avoid a too generic approach (which could deliver only theoretical or abstract answers), the project shall follow a bottom-up approach which means that possible EQF/NQF/SQF  application scenarios in a sector will be confronted with situations in relevant fields of educational policy at national, sectoral, and European level as far as they can be identified by using the above mentioned material, thus describing obstacles as well as favourable conditions of realizing the application of the above mentioned frameworks. Based on these enquiries, recommendations will be developed.


Work Packages

1. Project  Management
2. Scenarios of Using  the Instruments of a Future European Learning Space
3. Analysis of  Obstacles  and  Favourable  Conditions
4. Exploitation
5. Dissemination
6. Quality and Evaluation Plan

Funding Period

01.02.2008 – 31.01.2010

The project is supported by the European Commission under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme and by funds held by the project partners.#